Mr. Ray promoted to 6th Degree (Professor)

 by Master Tim Bulot, August 2015

Ellis County Martial Arts

Delaware Budokan, Hombu Dojo for San Sai Ryu

Just minutes away from the picturesque beaches of Southern Delaware is the chance to experience the Classical Martial Arts Traditions.

The Delaware Budokan, or Delaware House of the Warriors, is located on one acre of training area, archery range and meditation gardens, and captures the true Spirit of ‚Äčthe Orient with its authentic 2000 square foot dojo (training facility).

Hanshi Philip M. Scudieri brings over 40 years of knowledge and experience to the dojo.  Mr. Scudieri is US Director of Kobujutsu/do for the All Japan Budo Federation Seibukan Dojo and holds a Hanshi(8th dan) Menkyo in Nihon Kenjutsu and Nihon Kobu-do. He is also President of the Kenjutsu International Association of Instructors and has published 25 articles on Japanese swordsmanship, appeared in several magazines and books.

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